Betting Sites for Super Bowl

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There is no doubt that the Super Bowl game is among the most bet on sporting events in the US. As offline betting is legal only in Vegas right now, the majority of the bettors are turning to the online sportsbooks, i.e. sports betting websites which work on the same principle as a traditional sportsbook, just online instead of in Las Vegas. And as you would expect, there are many betting sites that claim to take bets on the Super Bowl, but you must be very careful if you chose to go that route this football season. There is currently no regulation over the betting sites and the only thing that can determine if a sports betting website is good or bad is the reputation they posses. So if you are looking for betting sites for the Super Bow this year, we highly advise you to stick to the following online sportsbooks:

Bookmaker - One of the most popular betting websites in North America, Bookmaker has a clean reputation and customers who have been using this betting site for well over a decade without any issues. It has the bankroll to pay out large bets on the Super Bowl, year after year, and we mean LARGE bets, in the thousands of dollars. The most recommended betting site for this year's Super Bowl game bets. New customers can take advantage of up to $2,500 in free bonus money, as well.

5Dimes - Another great betting site, 5Dimes is well-known for its low juice odds. If you want to get the best odds on the Super Bowl, this is the place where you will do so, low vig, great lines and fast payouts.

Bovada - Formerly known as "Bodog", this betting site has been in operation for over 17 years, something very few can claim these days. While it's a bit slow on posting the odds during regular football season, it is spot-on for the Super Bowl betting frenzy and has been paying out lucky Super Bowl bettors for many years. A solid A+ sportsbook.