Super Bowl Point Spread


Find out the latest point spread on the Super Bowl 2022

Cincinnati Bengals vs. L.A. Rams

This website was created to serve only one purpose - inform you about the latest point spread on the 2022 Super Bowl, as posted by the sportsbooks. Below you will find out the spread on the Super Bowl and even further, you can read more about the Super Bowl in general, as well as learn about the point spread.

The 2022 Super Bowl teams are: Cincinnati Bengals vs. LA Rams.

2022 Super Bowl Point Spread:

Sportsbook Cincinnati Bengals spread LA Rams spread Odds to win the Super Bowl:
Bookmaker +3 -3 +170/-190
GTBets +4 -4 +165/-180
Bovada +4 -4 +165/-195


About the previous Super Bowls: 

The Super Bowl 2020 promises to be one of the most exciting final games we have had in at least a decade. Two of the top teams in the NFL managed to get to the Championship, the powerful San Francisco 49ers and the Mahomes-led Kansas City Chiefs. This game is so unpredictable, as you can see from the number posted above, the sportsbooks are having a really hard time choosing a favorite, some of them already throwing in the towel and going for a "pick" instead of posting a spread on one of the NFL teams in the Super Bowl LIV. The situation is not much different at the Las Vegas sportsbooks, where the consensus right now is -1 point chalk the Chiefs.

Getting to the 2019 Super Bowl was probably the most interesting road we have had the chance to enjoy, especially the AFC and NFC Championship games. Both games went into overtime and were decided with a lot of emotion and uncertainty, until the very last second. The Rams had to travel to the Saints and managed to snatch an amazing victory at the Super Dome with a risky and very long 57-yeard field goal. In the AFC battle we witnessed the Patriots snatching a on-the-road victory in postseason in quite a while, also decided in OT, although in this game, New England gave no chance for the Chiefs to shine in overtime, having the ball first and taking it all the way for a touchdown.

The 2015 Super Bowl drew conference representatives New England Patriots from the AFC and Seattle Seahawks from the NFC.

The 2014 Super Bowl game saw the Seattle Seahawks face off the Denver Broncos and while all bookmakers and sportsbooks posted numbers favoring the Broncos, the Seahawks became the Super Bowl winners, giving a decent payout for those who bet the underdog. We will see how the 2015 Super Bowl point spread will come out, once we know the two NFL teams competing for the NFL Championship, but keep in mind that in the past 10 years the sportsbooks have been wrong more often than not, so betting the underdog could be a pretty sweet deal.

The 2013 Super Bowl surprised many pundits, not to mention the sportsbooks, with the Baltimore Ravens trashing of the Patriots to make the Championship game being decided between the Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. Considering that the Ravens were a big underdog against the Pats, it's only natural to see Baltimore remain the underdog against eh 49ers, who were the favorite to win their NFC Championship game against the Falcons and secure a spot on the Super Bowl 2013. At this time all sportsbooks are in unison about the point spread on the Super Bowl, the Ravens at +4 point spread and the 49ers at -4 points against the spread. We will continue to monitor the Super Bowl 2013 spread posted by the betting sites daily, until the start of the game and update the numbers accordingly.

 About the point spread: We understand that not everyone who will visit this website to find out what is the spread on the Super Bowl would actually know what a point spread is in the first place. If you want to learn more about how the point spread works, read on, if you are a pro, there is no need to explain how the spread work.

 The point spread on the Super Bowl works just like any other spread number posted by the odds makers. The sportsbooks give each team a handicap of certain number of points and that handicap is called "point spread", pretty easy so far. There are two forms of point spread numbers you will encounter when betting on the Super Bowl game this year, one will have the "-" (minus) sign in front of the number and the other will have the "+" (plus) sign. The NFL team with the minus sign will be the favorite to win the Super Bowl and the other - the underdog. The point spread shows how many points the sportsbook will take of the final score of the team, in the case of the minus sign, and the plus sign indicates the number of points that would be given to the underdog team at the end of the game. The main goal of the bettor in this case would be to predict if the Super Bowl winner would still be the winner if the spread amount is taken away from their final score (also referred to as "covering the spread") or alternatively if the Super Bowl loser would've actually won the game if the spread points were added to their final score.

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